Constant State of Change


Constant State of Change… 

and the Paradoxes of Life…

This website has changed more than Madonna has changed her identity! 

For that reason, this website has become my “NOW PAGE”.

A site that is more “Agile” summarizing the Top 3 things I’m currently working on “Now”.

As always: “My Passion is the Application and Integration of higher states of Consciousness“. 

Vincent Foster

Vincent’s “Now-Page”

Top 3 Projected Focusses:

Discover New Land!

Recently I’ve moved to Lelystad, which at its core has an “Innovative Spirit”, moving in and around the city I feel that this spirit needs a Re-awakening.

Focus: Relighting the Fire

Building Business!

To start from scratch and tune in deeper what means to “Do Business”, so far it feels that we need to do more: Cooperatively-In-Person and less digital.

Focus: “Win-Win-Win” (3rd Win: Local Community)

Power of Uniqueness within Community!

Both our strengths and weaknesses lie within our individual uniqueness. It’s my belief that “NOW” is the time to get to know these “Assets” of yourself and find “Healthy Ways” to start sharing this Uniqueness for the greater good.

Focus: “Be Different & Own this Uniqueness”