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Flow is a state of being, and you know when you’re in “Flow” and when you are off it.  Its pretty much like 

Some people flourish with a singular stream in their work or personal life. Others needs multiple outlets. 

The baseline of my work always comes down to bringing awareness to “Unseen Energy Dynamics”. A list of my multiple streams of services & outlets is listed below.


समुद्र (Samudra) is a Sanskrit term literally meaning:

“The Gathering Together of Waters”


Vincent Foster

“Personal Flow Developer”

Flow Sessions

Level 1: Intro

An introductory meeting in which we find out how your life-flow has been until now. Finding out what the 

Investment: € 70,-

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Level 2: Clear Waters

Is a Hybrid Company bridging Shamanism with Entrepreneurism.

Investment: € 700,-

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Level 3: Open Sea (see)

Community Based Platform to literally “Build Momentum”.

Investment: € 7.000,-

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