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    August 2019

Vincent Foster

Application of:  “Advanced Energy Awareness” 


I’m Vincent Foster and I’m highly sensitive to Energy! Not only can I sense it and tune into a wide spectrum of energies, I also has the ability to modify and shape it into a preferred state.

“My Passion is the Exploration and Application of Consciousness

Services categories for FosterTheFlow:

  • Flow Consultancy
  • Advanced Energy Work
  • Business Applications

Book a “Skype Intro Session” in the calendar to find out how my services can best assist in your situation.

My 3 Main Focus Points ...

Flow Consultancy


These are Personal Development sessions, in which I use my Extra Sensory Perception to provide Clarity in your current situation. This always starts with the “Skype Intro Session”, in which we create a “Base-Line” from there we co-design your desired path.


This emphasis of this service: Person to Person Consultancy

Advanced Energy Work


This service differs from “Flow Consultancy” in which my role is more active in “Shifting Energies”. For instance if an “Energetic Intervention” is needed, like the removal of unwanted energies or the (re)aligning of desired energy forms.


The emphasis of this service: Energy Work

Business Applications


These are services in which “Extra Sensory Perception” is mixed with “Business”. Primarily focused on “Strategic Advice” and the “Utilisation of Potential”. There are several positions where this can come in handy: CEO-Advice, HR-Advice Synergy-Advice.


The emphasis of this service: Business Enhancement

Unifying of Polarities

This symbol of a magnet is a good example of the “Unifying of Polarities”. We can both see its North Pole and South Pole, yet at the same time we can see it as “ONE” thing. The same goes with the services I provide. Looking beyond polarities of good or bad / right or wrong / light or dark etc. etc.

Correct Energy Balance?

Have you ever really looked at “Energy Balances”? How much energy you put into things and how much energy you get out of them? You’d be surprised by the results! Nature provides a natural balancing of energies, however in Cities and Towns it’s harder to recharge.

Skype (Online) Sessions

Beginning of 2019 I had a series of people enrolled in a “Weekly Skype Call”. It was amazing to see what the results were. This would include some form of “Homework” for the client in which they developed their skills and found out more about themselves.

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