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Flow is a state of being, and you know when you’re in “Flow” and you know when you are off it.  It’s that simple! Synchronicity is key in these states.

Easy to do? In essence it is, follow your heart, your guts and your head (in that order).

A life with more awareness and a heightened state of consciousness, is a rich life. Being more in tune with life and the world around you.

FosterTheFlow offers services for people and businesses to enhance Flow.  

The baseline of my work is bringing awareness to “Unseen Energy Dynamics”. I like to provide drawings of situations in which the unseen becomes visible.

समुद्र (Samudra) is a Sanskrit term literally meaning:

“The Gathering Together of Waters”


Vincent Foster

“Personal Flow Developer”

Flow Sessions

Level 1: Intro

An introductory meeting in which we find out how your life-flow has been until now. Finding out what the 

Investment: € 70,-

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Level 2: Clear Waters

Is a Hybrid Company bridging Shamanism with Entrepreneurism.

Investment: € 700,-

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Level 3: Open Sea (see)

Community Based Platform to literally “Build Momentum”.

Investment: € 7.000,-

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