Constant State of Change

Vincent's "NOW-Page"

Constant State of Change…


This website has changed more than Madonna has changed her identity! 

For that reason, this website has become my “NOW PAGE”.

A site that is more “Agile” summarizing the Top 3 things I’m currently working on.

As always: “My Passion is the Exploration and Application of higher states of Consciousness“. 

Vincent Foster

Creation of 2 New Business Structures

Redefining Companies at their Core!

September-November 2019, I’ll be working on the roll-out of two new companies.

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[NL] Oranje-Groen

This one’s for the Dutchies! Oranje-Groen – “Even iets anders Doen”

Een Nederlandse cursus ontwikkeld om “Patronen te Doorbreken”.

Ieder persoon die te dik is weet dat hij/zij op zijn voeding moet letten. Ieder persoon die arm is weet dat hij/zij op zijn financiën moet letten. Grappig genoeg gaat het daar niet om, het gaat om dieper liggende patronen binnen onszelf, die te vinden en aan te passen. Trigger momenten en Exit momenten.

Start: 01-01-2020

Alignment Amsterdam

Something is brewing in Amsterdam, a series of “Talks” and “Exchanges” in information and knowledge. This is Aim

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Unifying of Polarities

This symbol of a magnet is a good example of the “Unifying of Polarities”. We can both see its North Pole and South Pole, yet at the same time we can see it as “ONE” thing. The same goes with the services I provide. Looking beyond polarities of good or bad / right or wrong / light or dark etc. etc.

Correct Energy Balance?

Have you ever really looked at “Energy Balances”? How much energy you put into things and how much energy you get out of them? You’d be surprised by the results! Nature provides a natural balancing of energies, however in Cities and Towns it’s harder to recharge.

Skype (Online) Sessions

Beginning of 2019 I had a series of people enrolled in a “Weekly Skype Call”. It was amazing to see what the results were. This would include some form of “Homework” for the client in which they developed their skills and found out more about themselves.

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